Our guarantees

Long story short : each and every single part of our watches is guaranteed authentic.

We are assisted by our team of professional watchmakers and work in close cooperation with the “Département du Patrimoine” of Rolex Geneva – all our watches are guaranteed to meet their standard of analysis/final opinion.

All of our photos are without touch-ups… as opposed to many of our competitors… no bad surprises as to the state of our watches, you get what you see.

This is a global market, we have customers and references worldwide so feel free to ask for it, we will not feel offended !

As we say in French : there is no such thing as a stupid question, so really, do ask in case you have any doubt.

Be sure that any questions which may have crossed your mind have probably crossed ours when we were analysing the watch you are contemplating now.

If the watch does not correspond with the objectively agreed qualities, we will reimburse you upon return of the watch. If the watch is not pleasing to you for subjective reasons, you can return it and you will receive a gift certificate for the full amount.

And remember, we have a physical, actual store, we are no internet ghosts…

Trust us, we will not disappoint you.

We are Rolex biggest and most passionated fans. We truly love and embrace their products as well their incomparable, impeccable after sales services. However, we are absolutely not affiliated with them/the Rolex brand in any way - we are simply the best independent experts around !