About us

VintageDaytona.com is a parent company of the leading watchstore of the Benelux “Le Collection’Heure".

We are based in Luxemburg and are welcoming you in our boutique located 6 Grand Rue, Luxembourg Ville.

Our team is led by Antoine Rauis who is a renowned expert for Vintage Rolex’s. He is a former lawyer who decided to live for and from his passion for vintage watches

He has published many articles and appeared in many interviews/documentaries, is an expert for the Jutice Courts in Belgium and for insurance companies.

Antoine has been collecting Daytona’s for now more than 20 years and knows them inside out.

He is the sole owner and founder of “Le Collection’ Heure”, a company which has been a huge success story and is dealing basically any kind of watch from 500 € to 150,000 €. It has established itself as the leader of Benelux in his field and as one of the major watchdealer of Europe.

The idea of VintageDaytona.com is different, this is a “boutique” boutique !

We only and exclusively specialize in Vintage Daytona and don’t want to hear about anything else.

We are Daytona’s nerds/geeks/fundamentalists and our goal is to become a reference in the world of vintage Rolex’s.

We are assisted by our team of professional watchmakers and work in close cooperation with the “Département du Patrimoine” of Rolex Geneva – all our watches are guaranteed to meet their standards of analysis/ final opinion.

This is a small community, we know that the “word of mouth” is our best marketing tool – so basically our first and most precious asset is our reputation.

This is a new adventure and to be honest, we are excited.

We hope to share our passion with you.

The VintageDaytona Team

We are Rolex biggest and most passionated fans. We truly love and embrace their products as well their incomparable, impeccable after sales services. However, we are absolutely not affiliated with them/the Rolex brand in any way - we are simply the best independent experts around !